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Sinclair's Golf
Training Center

Jon Sinclair opened Sinclair's Golf Training Center in 2008 to fulfill his goal of having one of the most technologically advanced training centers in the United States.  We are proud to announce our affiliation with the Golf Channel Academy.  We are in the process of updating our website and soon you will be able to access information about the Golf Channel Academy directly in our website.  Until then please feel free to use this link to check out this exciting new development
We have also started online booking for lessons and clinics please click here or visit our Instruction Page.  Please use the link to online booking to check out our newest instructor, Michael Martin. We are happy to have Michael as part of our team.
Our approach is to cover all the Fundamentals of Performance.  We integrate all the aspects of the game to design and implement the very best golf improvement program.  These include skill/instruction (short and long game); practice routine, equipment; fitness/body; course management; and mental game.

If you want a first class experience at a first class facility and want to improve your golf game this is the place to be.
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