The fitting process of finding the right Edel putter begins with a basic but crucial truth: golfers see differently. Each golfer relies on their eyes to set up a putt, and  most golfers – even the best players in the world, touring professionals on the PGA Tour – have imperfect visual aim.

Edel putters are custom designed to ensure proper aim and speed control. The idea behind Edel putters is based on research that has shown that a high percentage of tour players cannot consistently align their putter to the hole from 10 feet. Do you know where you are aiming?

The first step in the fitting process is to assess a golfer’s aim. After the golfer’s aim is determined, the second step is to find the right fit. Our fitters have a unique system of up to 30 million component combinations made up of various putter heads, hosels, offsets, and lie angles to find the combination that corrects for the golfer’s natural aim. Once the right combination is found, a hand-milled custom putter is created that’s a perfect fit for the golfer. Edel craftsmen use a combination of old-fashioned craftsmanship and modern technology (milling from blocks of 303 Stainless or Chad Nichols Damascus steel), to create a putter that feels right, looks great, and is customized with the golfer’s name or other information stamped into the putter.
See how much you can improve your putting!

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Edel Club fittings are charged at the normal lesson rate and should be scheduled as a regular lesson (in the “Note” box please put Edel Putter Fitting). NOTE: If you purchase an Edel putter from us the price of the fitting will be credited towards the price of the putter.
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