Club Fitting

In addition to technology, Jon has always been interested in his players having the best equipment that is custom fit for them.  Edel Golf is his first choice in custom fit putters, and he has been a fitter for them for since 2012.  In 2016 Jon was introduced to TPT Golf and has been actively involved in the development of their graphite shafts.  He is very excited about their new Red Range product line for 2020!

Edel golf offers custom Putters beyond anything you have witnessed before. The range of customization is outstanding and the quality is excellent. To learn more about Edel Putters click here

The fitting fee for an Edel Putter is $200 plus the cost of the putter.



TPT Golf shafts are the most consistent golf shafts in the world. Jon Sinclair was introduced to TPT Golf at the 2016 PGA Show in Florida and has been working with them as an advisor and beta tester.

TPT Golf shafts are made using Thin-Ply Winding Technology to provide a better feel, increased accuracy and longer distance.  To learn more about TPT Golf shafts click here.

The fitting fee for a TPT Golf Driver Shaft is $200 plus the cost of the shaft.
To schedule a TPT Golf Driver shaft fitting with Jon please click here and select your fitting in the drop down box.