TPT Golf Shafts

Jon Sinclair (Sinclair Golf) is an exclusive fitter and distributor for TPT Golf Shafts in Texas.


TPT Golf shafts are the most accurate golf shafts in the world. Jon Sinclair is proud to be an exclusive fitter and distributor of these premium shafts.  From the elite player to the beginner or the senior golfer, we have a shaft that will help you hit longer and straighter drives.

TPT Golf shafts are made using Thin-Ply Winding Technology to provide a better feel, increased accuracy and longer distance.

Each of TPT Golf’s 11 different shaft models is created with the company’s revolutionary Thin-Ply Winding Method, a fully automated manufacturing process that gives TPT Golf the ability to independently tweak each shaft design parameter with the ultimate precision. The robot-driven process ensures unrivaled consistency and unlocks superior performance for golfers of all abilities.

“TPT Golf has created a new and different way of making a golf shaft, and it’s a better way,” said TPT Golf Director Sebastian Sebayang.

Almost every shaft on the market today is produced using a process called “roll-wrapping”. This process involves the rolling of multiple “flags” of material around a steel mandrel. The resulting overlap of layers creates a seam, and a resulting spine, which must be aligned during fitting. These shafts tend to exhibit inconsistent twist and torque behavior resulting in higher shot dispersion and poor player feel.







Thin-Ply Winding Technology



The Thin-Ply Winding Method was created by North Thin Ply Technology. NTPT began by developing a new process for producing the carbon fiber masts of Americas Cup yachts. The company extended their portfolio with products used in the lightweight bodywork of Formula 1 race cars and the structure of skis and snowboards before moving into materials technology used in satellites and Richard Mille’s luxury composite watches. The record-breaking, solar-powered aircraft “Solar Impulse” also relied on NTPT-produced materials for its epic journey.

TPT Golf now uses this process for its golf shafts.

TPT Golf shafts are manufactured using Thin Ply Technology lightweight prepreg plies and a proprietary patented manufacturing technique known as Thin Ply Winding Method. The result of this is a perfectly concentric and near homogeneous shaft. The process also ensures that there is a precisely controlled ratio of longitudinal plies to angle plies at all positions along the shaft. Uniformity of wall thickness and control of fiber alignment means a smoothly changing flex profile unachievable with conventional processes.

The result is a better feel, increased accuracy and longer distance.

TPT Golf shafts logoTPT Golf’s newest shaft, the 15-LKP-LT-LW, was officially launched at the 2018 PGA Show in Orlando. The low torque, lightweight shaft is designed specifically for the needs of high-speed golfers. In 2017, the 15-LKP-LT-LW was used to earn three wins on the professional Tours: the WGC-HSBC Champions in China, the Turkish Airlines Open (European Tour) and the Indonesian Masters (Asian Tour).

About TPT Golf

TPT Golf is the golf division of North Thin Ply Technology (NTPT), a Swiss-based technology and composites company with a track record of delivering innovative solutions for high-performance industries. Learn more at www.tptgolf.com.