Level I School
The Level I School that Jon Sinclair teaches is available by special arrangement at Sinclair Golf.

The normal weekend school at Sinclair Golf starts at 6:00 p.m. Friday night and ends at 12:00 noon on Sunday (but these times can be customized). It includes work in the classroom, on the driving range and on the golf course developing mental skills to enhance your physical abilities.

Currently the Level I school includes:
- Your online Mental Skills Assessment and Recommendations before the School
- Your online 8 Traits Personality Assessment, Comparison and Recommendations before the School
- “The Eight Traits of Champion Golfers” paperback book
- Online Coaching System with Post Round Evaluation for 1 year

The tuition does not include travel expenses or hotel. We will provide lunch on Saturday and snacks and water during classroom sessions.

Space is limited to 6 participants per class so everyone receives plenty of personal attention.

After you complete the Level I School, if want to test out your new mental skills in a tournament setting, you can attend a Level II School.

Level II School

Level II schools are by special arrangement and you must have attended a Level I school first. This school includes one practice and two competitive rounds with coaching and observation. We focus on pre-round preparation, analysis and post-round ratings with recommendations. These schools are designed to put you in a competitive situation where we can observe and coach to fine tune your competitive abilities. We use video and the Mind Meters while you are playing.

Each player should leave with a much greater understanding of themselves, how their thoughts affect their performance and level of tension, what to work on and how to do it. They will have goals and a plan to build their mental games. They will understand what a good mental game is.

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