GolfPsych is the Premier Mental Game Training System with over 20 majors won

Jon Sinclair started working with Dr. Deborah Graham and Jon Stabler while he was a touring professional over 18 years ago. He became a Master GolfPsych Instructor (one of only 3 in the world) and continues to promote GolfPsych as the best mental game system. The first step is ASSESSMENT of your current Mental Game Skills and your Personality for Golf. You do this with two online Assessments, the first on your Mental Skills for golf and the second comparing your Personality to the 8 Champion Personality Traits discovered through GolfPsych’s research on the frequent winners on Tour. Both assessments produce reports with recommendations and methods for you to use. Along with these assessments, membership in the Online Coaching System for one year is included.

The Online Coaching System includes tools for goal setting, preparing for your rounds, mental game scorecards to take on the course, and post round assessments to help you learn from your rounds. Every time you fill out a Post Round Form, your GolfPsych instructor gets an email and can see what you have written. This enables him to support you better over time. These three online products are combined into the Mental Game Builder Package to save you money and give you everything you need to move forward. The cost is $195.00 plus tax. 

The Second Step is COACHING with individual lessons with your GolfPsych Instructor so you can put the information from your assessments to practical use. Or, you can attend a Level I School. The sooner you start this process the sooner you stop the frustration of blaming your swing instead of the thoughts that caused a bad outcome. You know you have the physical skills to play well. We can help you discover the keys to play well using your mental game.

GolfPsych mental game lessons are charged at the normal lesson rate.

When you Think Like the Champions, you give yourself the best chance to achieve your Goals in Golf, whether they are to get a College Golf Scholarship or to Win on Tour!