Sinclair Golf uses the AMM 3-D Golf System, a real-time, high speed, six-degree-of-freedom (6DOF) motion capture system that measures and analyzes the biomechanics of the golf swing. It uses the Polhemus Liberty system high speed electromagnetic sensors (eight times faster than standard video) to track the motion of each body segment and the club with the TPI 3D biomechanics software to analyze the results. During setup small sensors are placed at strategic points on the body to capture and record every movement you make during a swing. (We use the full body 12-sensor version to measure the entire body instead of just the hips and torso measured by other systems.) A total of 187 points on the body are measured giving us a wide-ranging amount of data.

Once a swing is recorded the TPI 3D software instantly calculates all the biomechanical motion parameters which constitute your swing “signature”. Comprehensive reports document your swing and your ‘signature’ motion patterns can be compared to our extensive database. Jon has one of the largest databases in the world. In addition, since the system captures in real-time, biofeedback audio tones can be used to train and correct any issues that have been found from the biomechanics report. The AMM 3D Golf System provides the clearest, science-based picture of your swing capabilities and limitations, and provides the information needed to improve your physical performance and reduce the potential for injury.