GolfPsych Mind Meter

Find Your Optimum Pre-Shot Routine

Developed and Proven over 14 Years. This new version of the App adds Video recording and playback for you to identify how your thoughts changed, how you were operating during that routine and shot. Quickly identify when you are thinking about the wrong things or the right things. Frees up your athletic abilities and simplifies your thinking. Stop grinding. Start playing better and more consistently. Used in our schools and individual coaching. The Mind Meter Pro is an Android App.

This biofeedback device is used in the GolfPsych system. The Mind Meter measures how busy or quiet your mind is and your level of arousal or tension. This level is displayed as a number between 00 and 99. The Mind Meter enables us to identify the thoughts that are creating problems during the shot and to refine your mental pre-shot routine.

Learning to quiet your mind and find optimum arousal to play any golf shot or putt is crucial to good performance. The Mind Meter enables you to quantify these levels and learn what they feel like. It gives you the ability to practice playing at your optimum levels.

Learn to manage your thoughts and play your best golf!